Adding a subscription

There are a few ways to add services and subscriptions to your account, here are the most common

Browse the marketplace

  • Head over to your control panel and click on Marketplace, from there you can browse and select a service.

Create a user & assign licences

  • To add a new user head over to your control panel and click on users and then add new user.

  • From here a wizard will guide you through, to get started just add the name and email address you want the user to have. At this point you will decide whether or not to assign a license to the new user, if you want the user to get access to Office 365 and other services leave this box ticked.
  • After pressing next you will be able to choose the license type you wish the user to be assigned, in this example it is Office 365 Business Essentials.
When you choose you press Finish an order will be initiated and billing will commence unless you have unused licenses.
  • The user has now been created, in order to use the services assigned we need to activate the new user.

Activate the user

Activating the user enables Office 365 for the user and creates a login that will be used for all Microsoft Services.

    • Once the user is created click on actions and view summary
    • Click actions and then activate
  • Enter the desired email address here and pick your domain from the drop down, a password will be automatically generated please copy this to a safe location as these details are needed to access your services.
Note the user will need to change their password the first time they log in.

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